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Model Airplane

by Peter Jay

Is there any end to the fun you can have with a model airplane? I have asked myself that question many times, and I always come up with the same answer - Maybe. I mean, think about it. Think of all of the things that you can do with a model airplane. First of all, if you get a model airplane kit, then you get to put it all together, and if that is not fun, then I do not know what is. I always feel so smart when I am putting together a model anything. I feel like I am inventing the flying machine for the first time. If you get an airplane that is already fully assembled, well, you are missing out on a little part of the fun of building one, but at least your plane will probably look a little better and be assembled a little better than it would you build it yourself.

Once your model airplane is assembled, or if you got a preassembled model airplane, the possibilities of fun with it are endless. You can fly it around the house or the office. You might have to close the doors to your office before you start flying it, or your co-workers might think you are a little strange. What is fun is if you have two model airplanes and then you can make them dog-fight each other. What better way to escape from the mundane and boring days at work. If you have cool co-workers, on the other hand, they may want to get their own planes, and then you can fly your model airplanes around the office together and have dog fights with each other. What better way to get revenge on your co-workers than to imagine that you are shooting them out of the skies in an airplane, and watching their burning aircraft fall to the earth where it explodes.

Some people just like to have their airplane model as something to look at, a decoration in their home or office. It might be a reminder to them of better things, or just something nice to look at. It might remind them of their time in the military when they were flying in the very airplane that is on their desk, except the airplane in their desk is a little bit smaller. If nothing else, it is always something to talk about, something to strike up conversation with people who come into your office. I had a boss like that once. He had his private pilot license, and always had posters of airplanes, along with model airplanes around his office. It was always the topic of conversation when you went into his office. It was better than talking about work though, that is for sure.

So what is the downside of having a model airplane or how can there be an end to the fun? Well first of all, because model airplanes are so much fun, somebody could steal it. That is something you have to be careful about with your model airplane. You never know if that one co-worker might just sneak into your office and slip away with it. Another thing you can do with model airplanes is burn them and throw them while they are on fire. This is something that would be very fun to do, but it would certainly put an end to the fun as well. That is why my answer has always been "maybe" there is an end to the fun that you can have with a model airplane. Other than that, I cannot really think of anything. They are endless fun.

Peter Jay is the Owner/President and CEO of Variety Access - Your online hobby store and more. For more information about hobbies, hobby products, or Variety Access, visit

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