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Aerial Photography with RC Airplanes

by Andre McFayden

Have you thought about taking aerial photos of your home, business or family event? Now the technology exists to make this easier, safer and cheaper than ever before. Digital cameras can be mounted on slow-flying remote controlled electric planes. The shutter is triggered from the RC transmitter on the ground.

Aerial Photography has many interesting uses. Several of these are related to real estate: raw land or improved structures on the land. Examples include but are not limited to: Properties for Sale, Construction Progression, Agriculture / Farming /Ranching, Advertising, Special Events, Mapping of Disaster Sites, and Archaeological Overviews.

Using radio control aircraft for aerial photography (AP) has certain advantages compared to traditional aerial photography. It is definitely cheaper than using full-size aircraft. The RC plane can fly at lower altitudes, which is good for avoiding haze and gives unique angles on the subject. The planes are often quiet electric powered models and so do not disturb property occupants. And the photo session does not require a nearby airfield.

Disadvantages include susceptibility to strong winds, and potential hazards from low-lying obstacles (e.g. trees).

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