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Phoenix Star 3 meter glider

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The Phoenix Star 3 meter glider can withstand full power winch starts due to the heavy use of carbon in the main wing section. Tips are made very light and flexible for easy thermal detection. The carbon boom and ultra light tail feathers mean less weight in the extremities for quick, minimal drag flight attitude corrections. Can be configured for either RES or full house with simple change of tips and joiners. Truly an outstanding thermal duration machine.

Wingspan: 118 in
Wing Area: 1052 in2
Weight: NA
Airfoil: SD7037
Radio: 3-8 channel
4-6 micro servos
600-1200 mah battery

Price $ 895.00
Please allow 3-6 weeks for ordering

e400 Shoestring Racer

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This Electric Shoestring Racer brings fun and excitement to RC flying. The quality ARF construction with specially engineered radio compartment makes for quick and easy final assembly. Features pilot figure in molded cockpit, clear canopy, and landing gear with wheel pants! This nimble 3D acrobat will turn heads at the flying field.

Wingspan: 30.5 in
Wing Area: 165 in2
Motor: Speed 400
Airfoil: NACA 2411
Radio: 3-4 channel
2-3 sub-micro servos
7-10 cell 600-1100 mah battery

Price $ 189.95
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Outstanding performance... Unmatched value!